Rules for Kings on the Corner.
Play with 1 deck (52 Cards - No Wild/Joker cards).

Deal out 7 cards to each person (plays best with 4 people, but you could deal less cards and play
with up to 6 people.) The remaining stack is placed in the middle, and 4 cards turned up (N,S,E,W
positions). Anyone who has a king or draws a king must play it immediately at the corner of the

Play begins, and cards are played in descending order, alternate colors. (aces are low). You can use
the face-up cards on the board, move them around to place on another stack, but you always have
4 spots with cards in them. Once you have played all the cards you can, you draw from the pile,
signalling the end of your turn. (If you draw a king, you must play it then, but otherwise your turn is
over. ) The first one to get rid of all his cards wins the game. Others then total up the points in their
hand (everything face value, face cards 10 points, aces 15). Usually 250 points ends the game, with
low man the winner.

Thanks to Carol Walls for the Rules.